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As an intellectual property brokerage firm, DWT specializes in the buying and selling of high-value, market-ready IP portfolios. DWT’s team of IP Specialists maintain deep industry-specific knowledge in IP-intensive markets and apply decades of expertise to IP transactions to protect the interests of both parties to ensure a profitable, value-added transaction.

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Investing, licensing, targeted acquisitions and divestments – these areas of expertise are our passion.
We do what we do because we love to see companies succeed.

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Purchase Quality IP Portfolios

Some private equity firms are content to sit back and let business proceed as normal, offering capital and little else, but that’s not the DWT LLC way. We believe in active management, putting our skills and knowledge to work to ensure early application of best practices. In order to offer financial expertise across countless industries, our team is comprised of scientists, security analysts, CEOs, CPAs, lawyers, and engineers, providing diverse insight into corporate operations.

Instead of proceeding with the status quo, our team is focused on positive momentum. When we get involved, we’ll take time to analyze current financial and business performance, identify efficiencies, and implement strategic plans to best unlock a company’s potential, creating value for leadership, shareholders, and business partners. This allows us to grow revenue while managing costs in a way that helps companies to achieve – and maintain – profitability.

The DWT Difference

As a firm with decades of experience executing IP transactions, DWT also offers prospective buyers white glove assistance accessing quality IP portfolios. By leveraging partnerships with companies, labs and universities, DWT is positioned to source IP for buyers seeking specific, hard-to-access IP.DWT starts by learning about a buyer’s needs and specifications before sifting through the haystack to find that rare, shiny needle. The team at DWT will evaluate prospective IP purchases, conduct negotiations and identify potential risks prior to presenting IP options available for purchase.

The DWT Difference

For IP transactions, cutting corners only increases risk. It’s time to experience the benefits of working with an experienced, dedicated team of IP specialists and industry leaders. Contact DWT today.